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Welcome to Prestigious Care Home Health Services LLC

"You may not be our loved one, but we will treat you as such."

Home Nurse Making Bed

Prestigious Care Home Health Services was established with love in mind. As seasoned nurses, our love for people and our passion for excellent healthcare is a driving force. We are devoted to the well-being and overall development of our patients. We firmly believe in the dignity, rights and privacy of all patients. Our motto is, "You may not be our loved one, but we will treat you as such."


Our mission is to provide tailored care, surpassing in quality to each individual. Prestigious Care Home Health Services will bridge the gap between the needs of the people, and the genuine care that is necessary for a thriving life. In our doing so, this will result in improved patient care outcomes in the community.


Caregiver with Patient
  • Provide healthcare services in patient's residences

  • Perform domestic and household tasks

  • Provide medication reminders

  • Assist patients with mobility and physical therapy/exercises

  • Assist with client's personal care activities

  • Report on any change in condition

  • Maintain patient's care records and document provided services

  • Provide companionship and basic emotional or psychological support

Taking a Shower
Prestigious Care Home Health Services is dedicated to being number one amongst the premiere Home Care Organizations, while operating in a spirit of excellence. Our services are centered around and focused on the individual need of the patient. If you are in need of quality care for your loved one, please give us a call! We look forward to serving you!


27801 Euclid Ave. Suite 512

Euclid, OH 44132


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